Caption saturday

It’s that time again………………thank goodness as her in doors has the mother of all hangovers and can’t type, thank goodness my grandparents are here……………..You know the drill, add a caption in the comments box……………Check out others fabby photo’s at mammsaurus. We’ll see you tomorrow with tales of Dubai & my hungover parents

Later dudes


18 thoughts on “Caption saturday

  1. Run DMT says:

    What a lovely photo! So it’s needs a caption, huh? Hmmm…. How about….

    “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
    Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry
    Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
    Sunshine almost always makes me high”

    But I guess that more than a caption, isn’t it? 😉 Well, I am visiting your blog on Music Monday, so it works. lol 😉

    Thanks for stopping my Run DMT. Hope you swing by again real soon.

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