All week I’ve been meaning to take part in different meme’s that  are happening around the blogging world but I just can’t find the time to sit down. Although I have great support this week in the form of grandparents, I can’t shift the feeling that I’m constantly chasing my tail all the time. I have NO energy I just want to curl up and sleep. Today we had a great time at the beach, LPV loved the water, he was so comical taking up residence on some random strangers towel, when the guys arrived back to sit down LPV gave him a look of…..Yes and what do you want!!!

However the screaming today has been unbearable, I don’t know whether he’s unsettled cos I’ve left him quite a bit over the last few days, maybe he feels abandoned………… is it teeth……..I just don’t know. All I know that the two of us were sat rocking in his chair tonight sobbing. My poor in laws I didn’t think they realised they inherited such a loony tune!!

Anyhoo tomorrow we are crossing off 1 item from our Dubai bucket list…. We are all taking an overnight trip to Muscat in Oman, I hoping a change of scenery will be just the ticket….

Night all see you in a couple of days

Feeling relaxed just looking at it!!

5 thoughts on “Tired.com

  1. Mariposagirl says:

    awwwwwwwwwww so sorry you lil one is having a tough time.

    “this too shall pass”.

    ENJOY your trip and re-charge your batteries!

  2. misslexywoo says:

    He does not feel like you abandoned him missis! It will be his teeth and it will pass. The feelings that you think he has are actually you beating yourself up for taking some you time! He probably had a ball with his grandparents and you are not a nutter either. Crying is good, it releases pressure.
    This will pass and i hope you enjoy your mini break. I love thee x

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