Mammies set free!!

Friday I had a very well deserved and very rare day off from being Mammy!! My friend is a very talented cake maker and she was showcasing her goodies at ARTE. me being the incredibly amazing selfless friend I am offered to help her out for the day, I wasn’t doing it for the free cookies honest!!!


It was a very long and tiring day, however it felt so amazing to be myself for those hours, not have to worry if LPV is was drinking enough, eating enough. I did need a huge bomb up my arse to actually get me out the front door, I was still muttering instructions was expatdaddy kicked me out of the car!! I was enjoying a my new job title for the day as Monica’s cookie b*tch!! However if I ever go back to work a job in sales is not for me…….not because the public annoyed me and I hurled abuse at them (this was expatdaddy’s fear about me helping out) because anytime anyone came to the stall and Monica’s wasn’t there I practically had a panic attack and got all flummoxed!!

I showed amazing restraint being around all these beautiful cakes, cookies and cupcakes all day only having a few choccie chip cookies, me who can actually live off chocolate hobnobs & tea!!! Although the day didn’t appear to harm my waist line, it did harm my bank balance along with the very talented “All Things Yummy” there were lots of stalls selling crafts from cards to christmas decorations, I am a sucker for Christmas dec’s and I now the very proud owner of a handmade Santa Claus advent calendar and a smelly cushion thingy to hang on my tree!! Now I’m all excited I might go put my tree up!!! We bought some cool mosaics to remind of our time here and expatdaddy got some jam, happy days!!

I just to say how proud I am of my bud, she worked like a dog for days & never ate (which I promptly scolded her for), it was an honour to be your cookie b*tch babe!! I think you’ll agree she pulled off an amazing display of yummy stuff!!

My Cookie P.I.M.P.

You can find her amazing treats here “All Things Yummy- Dubai” show her some love!!


3 thoughts on “Mammies set free!!

  1. Mariposagirl says:

    WOW what a fun day and I am glad you got a day off to go be her cookie beeyotch!

    what beautiful treats!

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