Wordless wednesday

Today for the first time in weeks I feel really happy, I think It’s cos I had great webcam chat’s with the family and I know I’ll be seeing them soon, also the in-laws are on their way as we speak, I can’t wait!!!(No I’m actually not being sarcastic either). Don’t get me wrong I haven’t been miserable for last 3 weeks  but I haven’t been myself. I’ve been lonely……………….missing home, friends, family, feeling like a crappy mother as usual. The other night I was looking through photo’s and I came across this one……… it stopped me dead in my tracks as I thought to myself, WOW look how happy I look!!

Here is it for again my not so wordless Wednesday (I really can’t get the hang of it can I??)

The real me, she's in there somewhere

5 thoughts on “Wordless wednesday

  1. Cindy says:


    I hear ya! I lose myself all the time, like right now even!
    glad you are getting family time!

    keep smiling!

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