Taming thy Toddler (apparently)

The Toddler phase is just another magical time of motherhood, after an absolutely horrid week with LPV last week I was determined that this week would not be the same (my week runs from sunday to thursday). Even being up at 2am didn’t damped my spirits I bounced out of bed threw on baseball cap to hide the Pat sharp mullet bundled LPV in the buggy and away we went for a lovely morning walk in the perfect weather. I have to say at this point that I did put on clothes as well as the cap!!

We both enjoyed the fresh morning air, we came back LPV had breakfast and slept (well eventually, he did catapult all of his stuffed toys out of the cot first and took a few more chunks out of the end of his cot for good measure). Lunch came and “paddy pants” LPV’s alter ego made a surprise appearance, for some reason unknown to me “paddy pants” prefers to eat his pea’s off the floor when lunch time is over, in fact I actually going to start serving his to him on the floor as he won’t eat anything I put in front of him at the moment. I gave in and gave him a yogurt, I had too as it was laced with antibiotics, before you call social services they’re prescribed!!

I bought a book called Toddler Taming a couple of weeks ago, af ter the debacle at lunchtime I thought I’d actually pick it and read rather than relying on it to send me mind signals……………… we’re doing absolutely everything……………….WRONG according to this book. I should focus on the positive apparently” well done LPV  you bit mammy but you didn’t draw blood, what a clever boy!!!” I know it makes sense focusing on the positive behaviour and not the negative but when your tired, at the end of your tether it’s hard. I have to say in my poor son’s defence, 99.9% of the time he is an angel a very funny, entertaining, loving angel but this “phase” we’re getting into is scaring the bejaysus out of me.

Anyhoo enough with the whingeing, Granny & Granddad “Quack Quacks” impending visit this week is keeping us all very happy & excited, I finally get to use my photo shoot I won months ago it will be a nice ending to our time here it think, capture some beautiful memories for us to take to Amsterdam.

Grandparent ducks, awesome!!



13 thoughts on “Taming thy Toddler (apparently)

  1. Cindy says:

    I keep trying to leave you comments but they weren’t sticking !

    we went thru a rough year between 2 and 3 and at our son’s 3 yo visit spoke to his doctor and she sent us to a book, about giving our son more choices and letting the consequensces do thier magic.

    worked like a charm.

    every little one is different and personalities differ, temperments and parenting styles too.
    glad your book helped! It’s so hard on our hearts when our babes are frustrated!
    those grandparent ducks are adorable!

  2. misslexywoo says:

    Oh my god I have all this to come! I need to buy that book!!
    I hope things get easier for you soon hon I can imagine focusing on the positive is so hard when you are tired and rung out.
    Addy is 18 months and is just starting to throw things and shout, like yours, most of the time he is an angel but yeah…. I’m starting to worry!
    Those ducks are brilliant!! X

    • Expat Mammy says:

      It is hard anything he does I’m OMG he’s Autistic…… my GP makes me paranoid everytime I go there. He was an angel yesterday toddle life is so sporadic!! Ahhhh Motherhood.x

  3. Bibsey Mama says:

    I am liking the idea of serving the food on the floor to start off with. Now that would flummox them wouldn’t it? Perhaps they would then spend mealtimes putting the food back on the plate and then into the mouth. Good luck hon. BM x

  4. AmsterdaMummy says:

    I totally know where you’re at, my dear son is 26 months and he is right in the middle of his teribble two’s or ‘twee is nee’ as they say in dutch. I also have that book, given to me by my sister-in-law, I just read it for a little helping hand every now and again, I can’t take those self help books too seriously… xxAM

    • Expat Mammy says:

      Amsterdamummy, I would love to pick your brain about life in Amsterdam, were moving there in 3 week, yikes!!!

    • Expat Mammy says:

      Oh I miss G&T I can’t stomach it since being preggers, I am currently using it as a coaster too but reading it also it’s a very multifunctional book!!

  5. bluebirdsunshine says:

    We have that book too and my son picked it up the other day and said, ‘here Mummy, this is the book that tells me not to shout in the house’. So if he knows this, and has clearly read the book, why can’t he put it all into practise and give me an easy life! 😉

  6. nursemay says:

    Oh they can be little monsters can’t they… with a 3 year old starting to stamp her independance on life and an 18 month old very frustrated with his inability to talk (and me frustrated with his lack of willingness to talk!!!) our life is very full of paddypants at the moment! It does get better, and then worse, and then better and then…. you get the point! Just when you think you have it sussed, wham they change! Oh it’s great to be a mum… no really it is!!!

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