Greener pastures (quite literally)

After living in Dubai for 3 years, expatfamily are moving on to pastures new……………..we are taking up residence in Amsterdam.  It’s not a decision we’ve made lightly, a lot of thought and “what do you think” “I don’t mind , what do YOU think” has gone into this decision, LPV has two very indecisive parents the poor thing!! I do feel we are making a good move, it’s so much closer to our families and I feel that it’s such a crucial time for LPV to get to know them properly, plus these flippin teary goodbyes are killing me!! We had to draw up a big pro’s & con’s list to help us decide, I won’t put it on here… although I do tell the world most things these day some things should remain unsaid. So instead I’m doing to write a list of what I’ll miss & what I won’t miss about the lovely Dubai…………………………………….Lets start on a positive note, shall we??

Things about Dubai I’ll miss

  • Well first & foremost it’s my friends, my lovely beautiful yummy mammies and the friends we’ve made here as a couple. True friends are hard to find this late in life, guys you know who you are.
  • Safety of the place, the feeling of knowing I can walk late at night on my own & that LPV is safe here.
  • The Dubai sunset………… when it’s setting over the, Burj Khalifa it’s truly beautiful
  • Call to prayer (this is because I don’t live next to a mosque & listening to it at 5am) at sunset when you hear it you know you’re in a place full of culture
  • Lime tree carrot cake (little slices of heaven)
  • Weather (apart from summertime)
  • A beach on your doorstep (although I hate sand, gets everywhere!!)
  • Everything is clean here and people in shops actually want to help you (although that can be annoying sometimes)
  • My Pool (NO hair, plasters or poo floating in it)
  • Potterybarn kids
  • My car!!

Things I won’t miss

  •  If you have a problem or something needs fixing, it’s never that person’s job
  • The weather, I’m sick of sweating and frizzy humid hair, I look like this  
  • Crappy quality/overpriced fruits & vegetables
  • Over priced everything (4 quid for a loaf of hovis bread)
  • Sand & dust everywhere (this is why LPV is sick all the time I convinced)
  • The smallest task takes weeks to get done. Example: repair man comes to fix a socket problem, madam I don’t have the part, be back tomorrow OK!! I am still waiting a month later, don’t worry it’s only the electrics!!

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