Guidance for new parents!!!

Recently I came across a blog called motherventing, it’s absolutely hilarious, here are some words of wisdom that Fran has shared with us


7 thoughts on “Guidance for new parents!!!

  1. lifebycynthia says:

    LOL, I don’t know if I’ve had poo in my hair. Early on I was too sleep deprived and just plain frazzled to have noticed. Yes, I must have had poop in my hair back in the early zombie days of brand new motherhood! 🙂

  2. stace8383 says:

    *giggle* The first time I had a baby, my head had been recently shaved, and I kept my hair quite short for a while afterwards. But this time around I actually have hair, so maybe baby #2 will get poo in my hair!

  3. motherventing says:

    Mahahaha one of my ‘real life’ friends told me a tale of how she managed to walk to the shops and back before discovering the poo in her hair. No one mentioned it to her, even though she must have encountered loads of people!

    It wasn’t me. Honest. *cough*

    Thanks for the mention, glad you enjoyed the post! X

  4. nursemay says:

    Ah I love motherventing! And yes I’ve had the poo in hair – took baby number 3 to get it right but boy did she get it right! Changing a nappy at 4:30 in the morning, lift up bum to put new nappy in and EXPLODE!!! Onto my chest, shoulder, right ear and hair. Also the piillow, headboard and daddy’s left shoulder! Nothing like yellow newborn baby poop in the hair to wake you up!!!! xx

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