Terrible tuesday

Have you ever just had one of those days where you just wish you never got out of bed?? Well Tuesday was like that for me, LPV had the sniffles before he went to bed monday night, I put some karvol (I brought a massive stash in the UK) on this snuggly and he slept like a……well baby actually. Tuesday he woke with a really raspy cough, temperature and was very clingy, off his food and just wasn’t himself. As the morning progressed I became more and more worried about him, his respiratory rate had increased to in-between 80-100 ( I sat there with my fob watch in hand, sticking ticking after 3 years of not being used) and he had some subcostal recession, recession not meaning he’d spent all his money in his money-box and now he’s panicking. I rushed him to the Dr via my friend Jen, who arrive like a white knightess on a steade 4×4, with 3 rather perplexed looking boys in the back. Unfortunately now Jen probably has a reputation for just turning up to random clinics and just sitting in the waiting room with her children, then leaving!!!

It turns out LPV has another bloody ear infection, plus bronchitis &  store throat, he was given some inhalers and a paracetamol suppository which he didn’t appreciate one bit (mind you if some tried to stick up tablet up your arse you wouldn’t appreciate either would you??)

Last night I was exhausted I hauled my arse to the gym as I pretty much survived yesterday on a diet of chocolate hobnob and diet coke, expatdaddy banned me from blogging or going on Facebook as I stay up too late, so off I went with my tail between my legs to the land of nod (expatdaddy slept on LPV’s floor, good man).

Ah, the Hobnob!! the back bone of any staple diet!!

Today is Wednesday and we’re doing better, inhalers are working, no temperature, expathubs being the star he is left work for an hour so  ,I could have a break and go to my Zumba class. Was great to have just 1 hour on my own. I popped into Starbucks on the way home and picked expathubs up his favourite and came home to a happy wee man as he was sat there watching Rocky Balboa (I must have a chat with expathubs regarding suitable TV watching for LPV), “oh and I’ve kinda of taught him how to jump off the couch” he said, ‘Oh I replied I don’t thinks that’s a good plan” I replied, ” No I thought about that after”!!!! Still there isn’t many hubbies that will factor their wives exercise class into their work schedule, even thou I now have to watch out for “superbaby, fastest couch jumper in the middle east” love you babe!!!!

Superbaby, saving the world one couch at a time!!



7 thoughts on “Terrible tuesday

  1. Kristina says:

    I’m sorry to hear you had such an awful day – I’ve definitely been there! And ear infections are really the worst – it just makes them feel absolutely miserable, so you have to just drop everything and cuddle them all day… so I can understand why you reached for the chocolate bikkies:) Hope your little one is back to himself very soon – minus the superhero-couch-jumping cape:)

  2. Sharon Larson says:

    Awww, you poor thing. Some days just don’t work out no matter how hard we try to keep things in line. If your attitude was down, I certainly couldn’t tell; you still sound positive and realistic at the same time. Good work! I hope Wednesday was much better for everyone!

  3. misslexywoo says:

    oh god i do hope things get easier soon, there is nothing worse for them and for you! Addison is prone to infections and really, you just dont know how more knackered you can get do you? You sound like you are doing an amazing job of being supportive and looking after him, and i am glad to see you also have a local starbucks to rely on. Try and get some rest missis. i will be thinking of you both xx

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