Light a candle

I thought I’d add another wordless Wednesday

Lachlan Alan Shaw, born sleeping now a beautiful angel

This worldless Wednesday is in support of a dear friend, it is not meant to cause anyone any pain or sadness


5 thoughts on “Light a candle

  1. eviegracesmummy says:

    Thank you for this Tracey, sadly stillbirth is far too common 17 babies are born sleeping in the UK every day. For some reason its considered awkward and upsetting to talk about our babies who are in heaven. I am a Mummy of 2 beautiful babies. Sadly my little boy William who should of been 2 last month was born sleeping. His Rainbow Sister Evie has a guardian angel and we tell her about William every day. Thank you for this post Tracey, sometimes it hurts so much that people don’t let us talk about our Babies. They did exist and we will always love them. Goodnight Lachlan,hope you are sliding down rainbows and swinging on stars with William xxxxxxxx

  2. Kristina says:

    I think lighting a candle for someone is one of the most moving things… I like to do this at Christmas especially… just showing them that they were special to me and will always be thought of as a bright place in my life and heart.
    Thanks for sharing,

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