Plastic Fantastic

Pregnancy and motherhood , I have to say batters your body in any way it possibly can. This is why I’ve never written off the thought of having plastic surgery, I have ALWAYS wanted a breast reduction ever since the eejits in my english class at school thought it would be hilarious to flick my bra strap. Lets face it if we decide to have anymore children, something would have to be done as there would be a serious case of them sweeping the floor as I go along!!!

However there are some people around that have had surgery who simply make you think………… sweeping bangers??? it would one less housework job to do!!! Take this woman at my gym for instance… firstly I really don’t know on earth she’s at the gym… she walks on the treadmill like she’s strolling around the Chelsea flower show.  A Cougar on the prowl???….more than likely!! Unfortunately her face is more likely to scare off a young pack of iron pumping gazelles, her bussoms are so pert you could rest your dinner plate on them (I could quite possibly be a little jealous of this) and her lips……..oh god her lips, you could unblock a toilet with them. I really don’t want to seem mean but honey look in the mirror!!!

I would love to say I am going to grow old gracefully (post boob job obviously), I don’t want to be the only haggard old trout in the playground (with a turkey chin) but I also have no desire what so ever to be the MILF either……. to be honest I actually think it’s quite a gross term. The thing is now whilst writing this I’m think to myself what else I could have done…………………………………..

WOW LPV your Mam's looking good, has she had surgery??? LPV: No she's just growing old gracefully!!!

4 thoughts on “Plastic Fantastic

  1. Kristen says:

    Although I am an older mother to my youngest, she will have to just deal with what I look like. Working out and staying away from the sun is my only defense. I have a thing against surgeries…could be a phobia even.

  2. Rosann says:

    I think the grass is always greener (or at least most people think so) on the other side. I’ve had a very small chest most of my life. During pregnancy I was blessed with giant hooters and loved it, but after my babies, everything shrunk back down to literally barbie doll size. For years I talked about how I’d love to get a boob job and make them a nice healthy C cup. The problem was I could never personally justify the explanation I feel I would have owed to my children at some point in life. I have little girls. Shouldn’t I be teaching them to love their body the way God created it? Perfect for them? Perfect in His eyes? If I truly feel that way, then I have no business getting a boob job for myself. And so I remain itty bitty. Good thing my hubby is more of a legs and butt kind of guy. Lol! Loved this post and got a great laugh from it! 🙂


  3. Kathy Radigan says:

    I dealt with this issue on my blog this week too, though I chose to re-write my deficits in romance novel fashion!! It is hard to watch your body change, sometimes I have fantasies of going under the knife, but I don’t think I would. I think I would miss some of my hard won lines and wrinkles!! Thanks for a great post!!

  4. stace8383 says:

    I must say, despite all the pregnancy/baby-related changes to my body, cosmetic surgery is not something that appeals to me. I look how I look, and that’s just the way it is. Anything I can’t change through the sensible use of food and exercise (and very occasional make-up) can stay that way!

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