Uncharted territory

It would appear the good ship “expatparenthood” has sailed into the start some very rough seas. For the last hour I have just witnessed one humdinger of a temper tantrum. It was spectacular and all that was missing was the spinning head and pea soup!!

All joking aside thou this has actually scared me, how can one little person get so angry, where does it come from, I’m certain I have stuffed him up psychologically, well not yet any way!! The truth is I’m afraid of this phase, I’m afraid I won’t handle right and LPV will be one of those children people tsk at in the supermarket. I’m afraid that I’m being too harsh on him and he’ll grow up hating me and rebel at the first opportunity, and I’m afraid that I’m not strong enough for this.

To be honest I was so judgemental as a pre school teacher, granted some children can be complete demons but it’s so easy to sit there and say “if I was them I would do blah blah blah” what in god’s name did I know back then, probably about as much as I know now!!

He’s asleep now doing that little raspy thing you do when you’ve been crying uncontrollably. I can feel the panic inside of did I get it right, I let him carry on it, having his tantrum, while I sat in silence in the rocking chair in his room, I wouldn’t dare leave him alone in that state. When he calmed a little I picked him up and cuddled (did i reward his behaviour) him and he eventually fell asleep after tiring himself out.

I’m shattered now, think it’s Xanax for me and off to bed!


2 thoughts on “Uncharted territory

  1. granma ray says:

    You done the right thing trace just sitting there while he gets it out his system . he now knows you wont always give in to him . your going to have plenty of this so dont worry your doing a grand job by the way he follows you for this had to put you in your room to scream it out so dont worry

  2. Laura@Catharsis says:

    Oh, you know, we have some crazy temper tantrums in our house as well. All I have to say is who knows what the right thing to do is. To me, it sounds like you did exactly what you should have done. We don’t want our children to be too out of control, but we also don’t want to be too strict. It’s a delicate balance, one I’m not sure anyone has down pat. Just trust that your instincts are the right ones. That’s all a mother can do.

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