Flirty Bertie

Yesterday we went to the beach for a couple of hours. LPV really wasn’t impressed with a few things when we first got there, namely sand & wearing a hat!!! However we made it into the sea and all was forgotten about. Now I think my son is exceptionally cute as I am bias, however wherever he seems to go he always gets compliments, people want to take his picture (this is a NO NO) and touch him (again NO NO but now he often eats things of the floor I can’t really get a bee in my bonnet over germs & draw the line at kissing him tho). For example I was in a shop in the Dubai mall  just minding our own business when I heard a screech I turned around to see a sales assistant bounding her way over to LPV looking like she should have a whistle & and a pair of glow sticks!! LPV & I looked at each other shocked and stunned, he didn’t cry as the lady was actually very pretty so in LPV’s mind this was ok. Blue eyes blues eyes  she gushed… yes blue eyes I replied………..I’m going to marry a man with blue eyes one day……………Oh really that’s nice (too much information when your buying a pair of pyjama’s)……………………I will marry you she says to LPV………….I think he’s bit young for you……………….I’ll wait….. My reply to this was simple….Darling you’ll have to get through me first!!!!!

Anyhoo back to the beach, in the sea LPV was having a whale of a time (excuse the pun, whale/sea get it??)  There we’re two very pretty girls sitting on the sand, they were obsessed with him & LPV likewise ( I can tell you I really don’t like all this.. it’s making me worried that I going to be having girls after my wee man, he’s not allowed to leave home until he’s 60!!) I also think daddy liked the attention too. LPV is just a flirt  I think, there was also a nice man building sandcastle with him to but he didn’t given as much attention as the two girls so he was boring. He has no stranger danger what so ever, which as the moment is fine as he’s constantly with someone but this will worry me if it continues. Anyhoo I we left they beach I told him NO girls yet!! I think the message sunk in as he’s gone back to his V-tech walker!! Happy days!!

On the beach with M his futures wife, she says he can look but not touch!!!

3 thoughts on “Flirty Bertie

  1. Erin Patrick (@ErinPatrick) says:

    OMG, how precious and adorable. I have 6 kids and I was super mom with the first couple of them, but as time wore me down and I got more frazzled, I didn’t keep and eye on the germ thing or other things for that matter! By the last one, I was letting him drive at 6. Just kidding!! Great post! Made me smile this Saturday morning.

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