Handbag horrors

Motherhood changes us all in so many ways, however nothing prepared me for the changes it has made to my beloved & sacred handbag. I’m  Actually overjoyed with being able to carry a handbag again, no more changing bag with formula, bottles, teethers, toys, nappies wipes, kitchen sink. Ok I still carry snack, nappies & wipes but now I can just store the changing mat bag on the bottom of the buggy and away we go!! My handbag is a beautiful Kath Kidston bag that quite frankly has been over run & destroyed!!!! I went out to the cinema last night, Friends with benefits with Justin Timberlake…… YUM is all I’m going to say. Had a lovely evening, at the end of the night I rooted around in my bag for the car keys…………….. gross……….my bag is where raisins go to die along with half eaten liga cookies….. which LPV has so kindly suck & dribbled on and put it back in my bag for later. Here is a list of what I found while searching for my keys

  • A big fluffy blue tit bird that cheaps rather loudly (thank you Richard & Tracy!!!!)
  • A lid to a sippy cup
  • A lid to a snack pot
  • Money/coin= Euro’s sterling, dibdobs (that’s dirham by the way)
  • perfume DKNY ah at last something for Mammy
  • My purse empty of course
  • hand sanitizer
  • A bag of raisins
  • A bag of Liga
  • A wooden “Pat” hammer from Handy mammy tool set
  • Pacifier/dummy pouch
  • Disposable bibs
  • phone
  • camera

Long gone are the days of  just make up, phone, purse, cigarettes (sorry Mum) not that I want the cigarettes back mind you but I would be nice to pull something out of my bag that doesn’t chirp, sweak, stick to the bottom or my fingers. Anyhoo wouldn’t be with out thou

I guess my handbag is magical as me or LPV nether know what we’re going to pull out next, I really hope he just doesn’t start putting the ironing pile in to it, a pair of knickers would be very embarrassing!!

10 thoughts on “Handbag horrors

  1. huntsonthemove says:

    I am sooo impressed you can fit all that in your lovely bag!! It must be one of those that looks small on the outside but is cavernous inside. I too long for the day I can have my handbag back, but alas I’m not quite there yet. I like the surprises that Liam leaves for you. Everyday it is a new bag 🙂

  2. TyKes Mom says:

    Once, I was out to dinner with my mother, reached in my purse to pull out my wallet, and had an unexpected surprise: a pair of my son’s underwear! He was potty training so I always had a spare on hand just in case. Luckily I was just with my mother, lol!

  3. Crystal Rayne says:

    Seven kids and 15 years ago I had a purse. I am too diaper bag free, our youngest is 3 now. I think what is far more disturbing than what is found in a diaper bag, is what is found in your pockets. I once posted a comparison of my pockets to my husbands. Granted we were out to dinner with all of the kids in tow, but he beat me. The man actually had a can of air freshener in his inside coat pocket. I simply had extra princess undies, used tissue, a Barbie head, Batman’s motorcycle front wheel things of that nature. I was beat out by a can of air freshener can’t believe it 🙂

  4. Need Coffee (@NeedCoffeePls) says:

    Funny – or sad that I know exactly what you’re talking about!! I lost my keys in my purse at a meeting (a small, quiet meeting) on Tuesday. I cannot tell you the things I had to take out of the purse before I finally found those keys – a pair of (toddler!) socks? And, I purchased the bag because it is slim and long – it is deceptive!! You could hide an entire birthday cake in there plus the plates and napkins!

    Thanks for sharing – stopping by from VB today – enjoy your weekend!

  5. jen says:

    Wow, I love this post. My son is now 5 so my purse is not that way ANYMORE, however the older he gets the messier my car is becoming! The other day I found melted gummie snacks sticking to his car seat and some sort of sand from an art project in school. The joys of motherhood!

    Visiting from vB


    • Expat Mammy says:

      Thanks guys for the comments, I guess by the sounds of Jen’s post the car is next thing to get destroyed!!!

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