Elmo the educator

This is my not so wordless Wednesday…. let’s call it a softly spoken Wednesday. I really don’t think how much I love Sesame Street & Elmo is a big secret to you guys, so to my delight it’s getting even more fantastic press. I feel so tempted to start a petition to get it back on the TV in the UK it would be way more educational than the Ridiculous Lazy towns or the likes of Sponge bob who lets face it has already been proven to impair kids thinking. This season, the 42nd  to be precise (42 years can’t be wrong) Sesame street are tackling science, technology and engineering for the 2yr old audience here’s a wee clip

Better use of Justin Bieber’s “never say never” if you ask me!!! Maybe if LPV keeps watching he’ll fulfill my dream’s for him and  go to university at MIT (scholarship of course but I would sell my organs if I had to). Am I going to be a pushy parent, why yes!!! Nah whatever he wants to do is fine with me, although I draw the line at benefit sponger, Pimp and just generally everything illegal!!! 





7 thoughts on “Elmo the educator

  1. Jazmin says:

    Elmo wasn’t such a hit for my 4 year old haha. He was already into transformers and Disney Cars. I however, still love elmo. I hope my 10 month old will enjoy the sesame street shows. I love that last pic of the dream job sign. Oh! and that spongebob…horrible I tell you. We want the future generation to be well educated. Such a shame that a popular cartoon has that much of a negative impact on children.
    Glad to have found you through vboks. Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Brae says:

    Okay, i have to whole heartedly agree. I LOVE Sesame Street. I did when I was little, I still love watching it with my kids, and I feel like it’s educational and beneficial. (We also love Sid the Science Kid, Super Why and Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That. Oh! And WildKratz. My son can’t get enough of them. Yeah…we probably watch too much tv. Oh well. Thus is this generation.) I think one cannot count yourself famous unless you’ve been on Sesame Street and had your song/movie/etc. made a parody of on it. LOL. Have you seen the celebrity lullabies version with Ricky Gervais? Look that up. Awesome.

  3. Tracy Balderach says:

    I have vivid memories of watching Sesame Street, but my two girls did not catch on to it- Maybe my son will….hope so- I think it’s darling! Love your blog. Glad to find you from Voiceboks!

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