LPV= Bakery bandit!!!

Having made a rather delicious lamb stew for dinner we thought we’d buy some yummy bread while we were out walking (sweating) with LPV. Baker & spice in the souk next to us does  huge variety of all things yummy. LPV takes it upon himself at this point to pick out the bread…………..and throw it on the floor. A massive intake of breath followed by a millions sorry’s and groveling bows to the sales assistant, who found it funny and insisted we didn’t have to buy both  loaves, we proceeded inside and ended up paying 20dhs (around 4 quid!!!!!!) for a cookie the size of a lid of a jar of baby food out of pure embarrassment.

However the bread & cookie (I can safely say that LPV does not have a nut allergy, after discovering it had nuts in it, that’s my mother of year award down the pooper again!!) were absolutely scrummy and we all tucked into our dinner. A lovely candlelit dinner for 3, we have no bulb in our dining room light, which for the average family is NO big deal, for the expatfamily it’s highly unlikely that the bulb will never get replaced!!

I have to say as a family unit we are amazing we work well and compliment each other, expatdaddy the voice or reason when it comes to my spending & my anxiety, Mammy in charge, I’m quick-witted and funnier than expatdaddy with a little bit of crazy thrown in for good measure. LPV is a good (most of the time) boy, expatdaddy has the robotic “yes dear” down flawlessly and my “what time do you call this” is superb. That’s until it comes to house running and maintenance, we have to be the messiest family ever. I walk to friends houses and they are so perfectly tidy, how do they do it?? My washing basket must have come from Diagon alley as it must be magic the way it’s never empty, even with a dishwasher my sink is full up with dishes. When I lived at home my mam was forever giving out to me about my “filing system” in my room. It has got worse now we are on the magic journey of parenthood, so if there is anyone bored out there and would like to help me sort out my messy life you will be welcome in with opened arms to messy (but CLEAN) house of expat!!!

expatmammy in an ideal world

Expatmammy in th real world


Expatmammy in her dream world!!!!!!!!


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