A strange old day

Today has been a strange day indeed, nothing in particular I can put my finger on. LPV had his 15months jabs todays (it seems as though I have got my Mammy friends here in Dubai in a bit of tizzy over jabs after saying that he went today, guys maybe it’s just Cooper’s programme). Those went aswell as can be expected (we talking about someone stabbing your child with a needle here), LPV is at least still talking to me. I am glad to see the return of the best midwife in Dubai (I’m just grateful that having me as a patient, didn’t send her running for the hills). We came home, LPV slept and we had a very lovely surprise visit from Sarah & jack (who was even more welcome when she came baring Starbucks latte & muffins).

Our playdate later this afternoon I have to say was probably two of the most stressful hours of my life, Mum’s & Tots should have been renamed Mum’s, Tot’s and school age kids on speed!! LPV not on the best form anyway was in an even worse mood when we left and let me know about all the way around carrefour. I racked my brain as to what to feed him for dinner so out of desperation I turned to Annabel bare in mind that when I finished the puree stage motherhood I could have quite happily used this book as a bin liner, I was sick of it. Courgette & tomato frittata (this I know now is just posh word for omelette), No tomato’s!!! Ok Courgette, frozen peas & frozen sweetcorn frittata!!With baked beans, lesson learned here…. Don’t open the beans then shake the can!!!!!!!

My wee man is sleeping now, I’ve done a jog/power walk around the Burj Khalifa and had to fight ever urge in body not to dance at the traffic lights when I was coming home, I do in fact have moves like Jagger and I had to wait until I was in the lift to set them free. Man I need a night out!!!


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