And the award goes to…………well me actually

It would appear I have been so very kindly given an award but one of my regular visitors Stace over at Generalhappenings for that I thank you so much I’m really flattered. It’s always nice when someone acknowledges your hard work with a comment and award a nomination as although I do love blogging it’s hard to keep up while running a house being the amazing Mammy & wife that I am (crikey it’s gone to my head already). So here it is my fabulous award……………………………………………     


I have responsibilities now as an award wining blogger and they are as follows

  •  Thank the blogs that has so very kindly given LPV & me this award…….Done (I would tick but I can’t find anything resembling a tick on my arabic keyboard)
  •  Pass this award on to 15 other blogs that I have discovered lately well I’m not sure if I have 15 but I will do as many as I can
  1. Babylovestotravel
  2. Mothersontheverge
  3. Dubaihousewife
  4. crappypictures
  5. momfever
  6. bibsey
  7. Sharon-moms-madhouse
  • Share 7 things about myself Now this will be hard as I’ve only just posted the ABC’s of me and struggled with that… here goes anyway
  1. My Nan was on Ibiza uncovered!!!! Go Nan!!!
  2. I once asked my Dad if I could have an extra gear fitted into my car (I only had 4 at the time and felt very cheated)
  3. I actually sitting on a very big secret at the moment and it’s killing me not to tell……
  4. I love eating mashed potato sandwiches when I’m poorly sick!!
  5. The only language I seem to ever remember is Irish and that’s sporadic
  6. Blogging is the longest hobby I’ve ever had
  7. my bra’s are so big you could use it to cover Ireland when it rains!!!(expatdaddy will kill me for that one)

Thank you once again, I promise I will stay grounded and only make small realistic demands such as only having brown M&M’s  & washing my hair in Moet!!











7 thoughts on “And the award goes to…………well me actually

  1. granma ray says:

    keep up the good work trace just love reading your blogs they make me laugh so much . I just dont know how you manage to find the time to blog . they are so amuseing well done xxxxx

  2. Kirstie says:

    I love your blog hun, it makes me feel like I am still there with you, when I’m really not :o( sad face. I am dying to know what this secret of yours is!!! SPILL SISTER!! xx

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