Zumba baby

Well LPV and I are fresh back from first Zumba class together. Pure fitness UAE have just started doing Zumba classes in our area of town, with my Pat Sharp hair being hidden under a huge hairband I dragged LPV along, he loved it. It’s so baby friendly, they a huge mat of toys and Tracy the instructor didn’t mind at all that there were wee people running & crawling and causing general mayhem.  LPV got his rock on a few times and entertained everyone with his Zumba moves, I have to say I was most impressed, I have no idea where he gets his rhythm from as his mammy dances like a rocking horse/a young Gary Barlow in the early Take That days and his daddy, well the only name that springs to mind when It comes to his dancing is Hugh Hefner (minus the chicks I’m afraid) needless to say I can’t put a video up of Hugh dancing as it’s always with Semi dressed ladies and this is a family blog!!

Expatdaddy, Ooops sorry Hugh Hefner

However getting back to the matter in hand I thought the class was great I am hopping to make it a regular thing for me & LPV, Tracy the instructor was great she explained the moves before hand and I have to say I really don’t know where she gets her energy from having two children of her own. I’m not sure if the muffin in Starbucks afterwards was the best idea but I earned it shaking my booty, LPV also enjoyed his first babyccino (relax it’s just warm milk), that is before he fell of the couch onto the floor. At this point my Zumba buzz had gone and feeling of being crappy mother came flooding back, it was actually just one of those things but we can’t help but blame ourselves. So this afternoon we are going to the aquarium for a treat, his memory of falling off the couch was gone just seconds after had some blueberry muffin mine however are still here so I need a nice to erase it



7 thoughts on “Zumba baby

  1. Camilleta says:

    That’s so awesome, I wish I could find an exercise class around here that was kid friendly!

    Poor kid. My daughter is always hurting herself but that’s what toddlers do, it’s unavoidable once they get mobile. Even the best mom can’t save them every single time!

  2. Summer K. says:

    Yeah I can’t find any Zumba classes where I am either 😦 I did a video once though and it was a blast! If the workout is fun, it makes it go by faster, haha!

  3. Nadia says:

    Thinking of going for this class tomorrow but wondering if the music would be too loud for a four month old…

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