A spoonful of sugar

So Today LPV came to the end of his third course of antibiotics, I have to say he is one tough cookie to get medicine down, as far as I’m concerned Mary Poppins is  full of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” , sugar doesn’t make the medicine go down at all, it’s just ends up being spat in your face along with banana tasting antibiotics.

Anyhoo, we stopped holding him down as I felt like it was getting too traumatic for all concerned, so now we moved on to mixing it with yogurt. This process isn’t as simple as it sounds, firstly I have taste the medicine to decide what flavour yogurt would best disguise the taste, then I show LPV the yogurt so he gets excited, then without him noticing, draw up however many ml and add it to the yogurt. All goes well the dose is given and LPV is none the wiser. However this time he was also on anti histamine, my plan for this  was clear, I’d measure it out pour it onto one of his spoons, take an unopened sachet of Nurofen (for some reason he loves it) and in front of him pretend to poor the nurofen onto the spoon and give it to him, he takes this without any problems and actually cries for more. He so cunning, god bless Nurofen!!!



3 thoughts on “A spoonful of sugar

  1. stace8383 says:

    Very crafty!! I’ve been pretty lucky so far that every medicine Elspeth has required has apparently been quite tasty – rarely any problems getting her to swallow it. But you know kids; that could change at any moment. haha

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