Back to normal (whatever that maybe)

Well this morning we said a rather sleepy goodbye to Uncle Rich & Aunty Trace, think I actually prefer it when visitors leave in the early hours as I’m too sleepy to think about how sad it is. I was woken by ED (expatdaddy) to tell me he was taking them to the airport. I get up, walk towards the living like something out of a horror film, sport a hair do that even Pat Sharp would be proud of, we say goodbye and I go back to bed



 We had the most fabulous week, LPV was just giggling the whole time, I was tipsy most of the time (well evenings anyway), they are just great company we wanted to say we miss you already!!!

So now it’s back to normal as of tomorrow, playdates are to be planned, activities are to booked, washing to be done & some serious weight to be lost


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