ABC’s of me

Hi all LPV and I registered our blog on to cool online community called Voiceboks, it’s been really helpful with advice for our blog and we’ve made some lovely new friends. here’s a chance to get to know a weeshy bit more!!

  • A: Absent minded since childbirth actually maybe a little before that!!
  • B: Blogging, I love it, it’s the only hobbies I’ve ever stuck at!!
  • C: Coke of the diet variety, I’m addicted to the stuff
  • D: Dubai, is the amazing city where I live at the moment
  • E: Expat, Some body once said to me, Once an expat always an expat, I’m starting to think it’s true
  • F: Friends, I have amazing one’s all over the world, I think about you all everyday
  • G: Gossip, Love a good one
  • H: Hops, I really can’t get my head round blog hopping
  •  I: iphone, I’m desperate for one
  • J: Jerseylicious, I know it’s awful, staged but it’s addictive

    Check out that barnet!!!!

  • K: Krispy Kreme, the reason why none of my clothes fit
  • L: LPV, my son and the reason I smile everyday
  • M: Monkey, I do the best Monkey impressions ever
  • N: Nursing, I can’t figure out whether I miss it or not
  • O: Olives, mini bits of evil in a jar, I hate them



  • P: Planner, I’m really not a fly by the seat of my pants gal, I like to plan I like to know where life is going
  • Q: Quote, Favourite quote would be……………” it’s T*ts on toast baby but you make it work”
  • R: Rain, On occasion I do miss you rain
  • S: Singing, I love it and I can’t remember the last time I sang into hair brush at the top of my voice
  • T: Timekeeping, I do hate lateness, although I am absolutely crappy timekeeper now I’m a mother, Double standards, Yes!!
  • U: Ugg boots, Not much call for them in desert, oh how I miss your fleecy lining
  • V: Vouchers, I don’t go anywhere without my Voucher book (I know, Tight arse)
  • W: Wardrobe, mine is full to bursting but I have absolutely NO clothes
  • X:Xanax, calms me down when I’m having my headless chicken moments
  • Y: whY can’t I look like Jessica Simpson


  • Z: Zumba classes, I love them, I have No rhythm and dance like a rocking horse but I love them

4 thoughts on “ABC’s of me

  1. BooksByThomasina (@BooksByTJ) says:

    Really cool! B-same here, D-love what I have seen on National Geographic, H-just started getting the hang of it, I-can’t live without mine, O-hahaha! “mini evil bits in a jar”! R-waaayyyy tooo much here! I’ll send you some U-wants some so bad

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