Happy anniversary, you burn’t the chicken!!

A couple of day ago, hubs and I celebrated our 3yr anniversary. It was a fairly quiet celebration but I have to say it was a step up from last years where basically it went by in a blur of sleepless nights, 3 hours feed and hourly nappy changing. I think we bought cards for each other last year,however as I could not find the time or energy to write it. I just put it up on the shelf blank (mine was still in expatdaddy’s laptop bag a year on, now he swears he brought a new one this year but the jury is still out, Especially as it came without an envelope, hmmmmmmm). We had a lovely dinner with LPV, who was quite happily amused by raisins and 1234 sesame street by fiest on the iPod.

I love my husband, I  know I married by best friend (sorry here comes the Barney moment), life seems to be more safe and make more sense to me when he’s around, if he’s says not to worry I don’t. Simple as that. He’s had a lot to put up with this last year, completely bonkers, emotionally unstable wife, he’s a saint. I know he finds me so infuriating at time (probably most of the time actually) and there are days that quite frankly I could ring his bloody neck!! Sorry Granny quack quack!! However I really don’t think it’s my husband thing, it’s a man thing. “I’m going to treat myself to a massage with my birthday money”……… Good idea babe…………. “can you take the chicken out of the oven??”(the last thing I said to him)…………….yes no problems…….. I come home so relaxed I’m floating through the door to a lovely smell of roast chicken…… that has been roasted within and inch of its life and still in the oven may I add, soooooooo dry LPV and I could used to do painting or crayoning on today!!

Babe I love you but buy a chicken on your way home from work!!!!

Expat mammy

Tastes like chicken!! This dude has the secret to high self-esteem


4 thoughts on “Happy anniversary, you burn’t the chicken!!

  1. RachelJoy says:

    Happy Anniversary! Aren’t wonderful husbands wonderful? Great all about me…I spell “eejit” the same way.LOL. thanks again for stopping by Cool Bean Mommas!

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