Older but still NO wiser

So saturday was my 21+7+7th birthday, with all my years on this earth you would have thought that I would have realised that “baby Guinness” shots are for young people. I hadn’t of course and as a gift to myself I had a well deserved hangover from hell. As usual I was very spoilt, a professional camera, watch and a North face jacket from my two boys, however the best present I will ever have, was the first step that LPV took. It was the loudest cheer he had ever heard of course he didn’t have the foggiest what he had done but he knew was good so he gave himself a good old round of applause too.

Cake was yummy too, and the blowing out of the candles was shared on webcam with my big sis and her bunch, now expat daddy claims that the smoke from the candles was what set of the apartment block fire alarm (there were only two to make up my age, however maybe it was the pressure of what they add up too). In my defence I don’t look a day over 50              

Clarins really paid off I think??

Today I actually feel human again, and LPV will venture out into the big wide world (actually just to the playground but you have to start somewhere)

Toodle pip

One thought on “Older but still NO wiser

  1. Kristina says:

    Sounds like a very exciting birthday – how special that your son chose that day to take his first steps – something to always remember:) We use technology like Webcam (Facetime) to include our greater family in those moments too – makes it easier when you live so far away.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Kristina 🙂

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