Epic journey

Well as you all know we’ve been in the UK & Ireland for the last few week, we had the most amazing time, we actually had sunshine in Ireland & LPV enjoyed some fresh air, we had 2 trips to the Dr, Chicago airport lost daddies case, Thankfully they found it and it was delivered to us in Cork. A stories that stand out for me the most are all to do with planes and airlines and I will summarise and share as you may think twice before trying to save money and fly with this particular airline and do a stop over!

Story 1

We had done our stop over at Doha and we now on the mammoth journey to London, I had already prepared some chicken pot pie for LPV so I didn’t have subject him to aeroplane food. I gave the flight attendant his lunch and asked her to warm it. 5 minutes she replied!! 5 minutes came and went then another 5 and so on…….45 minutes later after asking several times, the flight attendant approaches me looking rather sheepish. “I’m so sorry but I’m afraid your son’s lunch was given to another passenger by mistake but he said it was delicious!! LOL I couldn’t belive it of course we just laughed it off and they provided LPV with a meal. However this was the start of the problem, the saying “me and my shadow” took on a whole new meaning after this. The flight attendant followed me everywhere apologising, trying to get LPV to sleep she’s at the other side of the bassinet……. Come out of the toilet……..guess who……..Do you want to complain?? she asked……. No, do you want me to complain???……………… I would feel better if you filled in the card, company policy….. Ok will you leave alone if I do……pardon……nothing!!

LPV is awake now so I will continue later


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