Who does it best??

Well it would seem that my beautiful son has taken it upon himself to test the worlds healthcare systems one by one. LPV has been taken to see a Dr twice already on our trip home, once in England once here in Ireland.

NHS walk in centre was good but I can’t help but feel that if was examine properly and not been branded with the “virus” label, he would have not needed to go to see the Dr today. Today I am glad I went with instinct and the risk of seeming neurotic  to everyone, LPV is now on antibiotics for another ear infection.

Hasn’t put a dampener on our trip having a grand old-time with the family!! Mammy is having a wee bit of medicine herself……..ahhh beer!!


2 thoughts on “Who does it best??

  1. stace8383 says:

    I used to get ear infections as a kid, it’s so awful! Poor tyke. Incidentally, if you really need to get sick somewhere, try Singapore, they’re great. 🙂

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