Clappy handies with my cousy

Today LPV was a wee visitor at his cousy’s gymboree class. Fantastic time had by all miss Ni Coaimh got right into the thick of it all showing her cous how it was done, shaking, tapping and of course bunny ears. LPV just sat there stunned by the woman singing, with an occaisional clappy handies for good measure……… Until he found open doors, other mammies car keys and a bell that was full of drool by the end of the class. He got stuck into the paracute games, which is huge thing, as he used to scream bloody murder at top tots. The class was lovely and very relaxed the wee one’s were allowed to crawl around if they wanted and if they didn’t want to give their maracas back by gosh they didn’t!!!!;-) I would love to start something up in Dubai.


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