In the money

Yesterday I was even more glad I married into the V family, as they are the THE best in-laws a girl could have. I’m really not being a brown nose, I am one of those annoying people who has a good relationship with their in-laws, as long as you don’t try to give them instant mashed potato or decaffeinated tea. I was equally glad as my FIL had a letter through the post from Malaysia telling him that he’d just inherited 9.8 million dollars!!!!

Of course the money won’t change us as a family, we may have to start eating from diamond incrusted ware but I do think that we will all keep our solid gold shoes on the ground!!!!! Of course it’s a scam, the dead relative(who we have no idea who he is) in question was quite unfortunate as the whole of his family was wiped out by a “car crash and heart attack!!” tis very unclear now what came first the car crash or heart attack. I can not believe that people have actually have the balls to send letters like, “all you need to do is send us your bank details” Oh OK.  It was the address that amused me the most, Cork, Ireland, Dublin!!

For now we’re happy being in the company of two gorgeous wee people and each others company, lets makes us richer than anyone


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