Land & sea

We are sailing, we are sailing, home again, across the sea

we are sailing, Irish waters, for hang sandwiches & some tay!!!!!

LPV survived his first ferry crossing to Ireland, he had a grand old-time on the boat. It was a long day, 13 hours travelling and my wee man was an absolute angel.Of course he wouldn’t sleep the 3 hours to Cork when we got off the ferry well that’s until we were 5 minutes from the house, then it was sing every song known to man to keep him awake.  Great to see him reunited with his Granny & granddad quack quack, he’s his sights set on granddad’s book shelf. His wee beautiful cousin is sight for sore eyes and they look like they’ll be best buds as long as LPV doesn’t put his fingers in her mouth. After toast, supervalue swiss roll a ride in the toy box LPV as gone down for the night (we hope) a wee glass of vino for moi and then it’s off to dreamland

night night


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