Back to my childhood

Yum picnic fun

Today me and my family went to Bristol Balloon fiesta. We packed a picnic slapped on the suncream (yes the sun was out in England in the summer) and off we went. As a child it was something we never did, my dad was away a lot at weekend on exercise. Don’t get me wrong I’m not doing a woe is me….. these weekends on exercise paid for a holidays abroad. I just felt like me and my sister had regressed back to our childhood (probably as we fleeced mam & dad for money…..hahahahaha) It was cool Mam bought me a pic n mix, paid for us to go on the waltzers (I do have to say I don’t remember it affect me that much when I was younger, my heart was in my mouth!!!)

LPV had a fabulous time watching the world go by whilst munching on his picnic lunch, he went on his first merry-go-round I have to say tho my child hates the grass, which isn’t a problem living in the desert but when we go to Ireland I can foresee a few problems 😉

It was a lovely weekend to end our time here in Bristol with family & friends, I really don’t think mam & dad’s house really survive more of the whirlwind that we call LPV well at least their CD’s collection can’t, my sisters dog “bridey” has been terrorized, the carpet has been pee’d on sicked on, it has had banana and raspberries rubbed into it Ooopps don’t think I told them about the raspberries. The best things have been the laughs and the smiles that have been on everybody’s faces, LPV now has some fantastic memories he can store away and use to make him happy on a rainy day.

Driving a JCB

"Sorting" Grandma's CD's

One thought on “Back to my childhood

  1. Lisa Hunt says:

    I’m glad LPV isn’t the only one sorting out his Grandparents CD collection. Matthew did a pretty decent job himself this morning on that one. LPV also has a buddy in the “what is this grass stuff”. Matthew also tries to lift his feet off the grass when sitting on it. Perhaps it is a bit chilly for them. They probably prefer their grass warmed. Well, they can get that in Dubai!

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