Job description: Mother/protector!!

Well it seems that the scum of Bristol (my home town) have decided to act like the poor excuse for human being that they are and copycat the London rioters. To the parents of these children & adults you should be ashamed of yourselves and your parenting skills, how can you sit there at home while your children are out ruining people’s livelihoods burning people’s home. The day you became a parent you made a silent promise to that child to love, protect, provide and guide them, you’ve failed!!

In all honesty I’m terrified, It’s my natural instinct to want to protect LPV, I love my family but right now I want to return to Dubai where there is a zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour, in fact I’d like to take all my family and friends to protect them to.

All I can do tonight is pray that police will do their jobs and stop the disgusting behaviour and that peace is returned to the streets of all the major cities in England

Say a prayer for England tonight??


2 thoughts on “Job description: Mother/protector!!

  1. Kirstie says:

    I will say a prayer that the army goes in there and rounds up everyone of those little feckers and then charges their parents for negligence as well as charging those youths for rioting! Its just unbelievable! David Cameron should be seriously reprimanded for allowing this to happen for 4 nights in a row! It should have been stopped by the second night.

  2. stace8383 says:

    Reading the news from here in Australia, I’m just astounded at the barbaric behaviour those thugs are indulging in. It’s disgusting. I know they’re meant to be disenfranchised and whatever, but there is simply no excuse for what they’ve been doing.

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