Hey all, I’m so sorry for my lack of contact over the last week. We’ve travelled back to England and have been busy bee’s catching up with family & friends. I love being back at home, nothing changes and that’s what I love. We’ve had a playdate in Grandma’s back garden and LPV has had he first cream tea(minus the cup of tea) on the grand pier at Weston Super Mare…….. It’s freezing here but anything is better than the heat in Dubai and LPV has been able to wear his first raincoat…..Adorable!!!!

LPV arrived at his grandparents and was completely at ease straight away, it’s always a worry living so far away but no fear here he felt so comfortable that he decided to pee all over grandma’s carpet. He’s woken them up at 5am up until today but it’s just so lovely to see my family together it makes me feel so mushy inside!! Actually quite hysterical to see both my parents crawling around the dining table chasing this wee small man who finds it sooooo funny.

Catch ya later


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