Thank goodness for ceramic tiles

I started this post this morning and it was quite long-winded So I’m just going to get straight to the point.

This morning a certain wee man pee’d all over the changing mat. Post Clean up he was put back on the floor while I cleaned the changing mat, he was minus a nappy at this point but he crawled off to see his daddy or so I thought. Now I know I was taking a huge risk with the nappy thing but figured he pee’d already. I went to get him but he wasn’t in the bedroom, I went to the sitting room and there he was happily playing “hope you haven’t pee’d in here” I said jokingly………………………… Oh lord if only I knew what I was about to find……CODE BROWN (again)…. LPV had decided to relieve himself in the sitting room. I whisked him up and promptly passed (I think it was more threw) him to daddy in the shower!

I often complain that I miss carpets but today I am embracing the tiled floor . So to the person who invented the tile, I salute you on behalf of Mammies everywhere (that have tiled floors). By 08:20am  this morning I had already dealt with a pee & poop attack, I do feel that LPV is trying to christen every room in this apartment, personally I could live without it!!  I guess his motto is “wherever you be let the poop go free”.

I love my life and wouldn’t swap these moments for anything however gross they may be!!

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