The good, bad & the just plain useless

I think you’ll all agree that when your caught up in the excitement of being first time mammy you will buy anything, especially if has must have or recommended by plastered all over. Today I was talking to fellow Mammy friends and we started talking about what we would or wouldn’t buy given our time again!! I’m pretty sure that this post will back to bite me in the arse as I insisted that we bought everything as “it would be really useful” “No we really do need it” and to make him feel really guilty “but it’s for the baby” (I know I’m a terrible mother using my child as a bargaining tool). If I could offer any advice to the mother to be, it would be buy as you go along, you don’t need it all right away & PLEASE don’t buy too many clothes!! However having said that we actually didn’t have any clothes to fit LPV when he was born early!! We had to then buy tiny baby stuff.

Anyhoo I going to give you my list of  good, bad and useless and a few thrown in for good measure!

 The good


LPV loved this he still play with them now on his buggy!!The Bad Ladies you can live without it!!


 The bad

Ladies you can live without it!!

 The just plain useless


Just buy a pouch and squirt it onto a spoon!!

Now I did a little research on this topic and found some items I personally thought were so ridiculous I simply have to buy them!!!

Will shave minutes of your sandwich cutting olympic times


How did we all get by before the "baby food chiller plate" was invented!!!

Aroma spice pods to introduce new tastes, hey here's an idea, why don't you put it in their food!!




4 thoughts on “The good, bad & the just plain useless

  1. Lisa says:

    OMG a food chiller? I didn’t know that existed. So right that when you have your first baby you think that the more you buy the more prepared you will be. NOTHING can prepare you for your newborn. Okay, a few clothes and some nappies. What items do you think you couldn’t live without? For Mummy’s with toddlers what are your recommendations and don’t bother items? Great Post Expat Mammy!!

  2. stace8383 says:

    There is an astonishing amount of baby-centric stuff on the market these days!! And of course, every manufacturer is in the business of convincing you that you NEED it all! Fortunately I think I’ve actually gotten good use out of almost everything I bought, and of course it’s all about to do the rounds a second time… but there are certain things I wanted or nearly bought, which I know now wouldn’t have been worth it!

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