8 thoughts on “Ridiculous!!!!

  1. joe says:

    Its called, “The Roddler” and its a product of Kid Kustoms in the states. It has been sold to many high profile a list people. Its the first ever stroller that turns into a Trike. So when your kid gets a little older you can have a full fendered bike.

    • Expat Mammy says:

      It’s just goes to show then money doesn’t buy you taste No offence Joe!! Now if it turn’t into a prada handbag I may consider it!!

  2. joe Iacono says:

    @EM no offense taken. Im the designer of The Roddler and although its not a $100 target POS stroller that all moms want to push now a days, it was intended for dad. The chassis is T6 6061 Aluminum with polished stainless hardware. Waterbase automotive PPG paint and marine grade vinyl. All units are handmade w/white glove assembly. The kids love it because it gets fun looks at the weekend car show. We have built 100’s in the last 2 years.

    – thanks for all the fancy compliments, you guys should google “the roddler” you can learn that it was not just a one off gold unit for a client in the United Kingdom. Lots of other classy solutions.

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