Hello motivation, I missed you!!

Well after a week of feeling rubbish Mr Motivation is well and truly back, I had a good work out at the gym yesterday and I’m ready to climb mount Everest (just need to do a little shopping first).

I think it’s all down to a good playlist on the pod, I went retro again yesterday and the one song that made me go for it was Phil Collins “Something happened on the way to heaven” now I know it’s not usually iPod choice but I grew up on a full diet of Phil, The Beatles , Simon & Garfunkel & The Beach Boys. I have such fond memories of driving to my Gran’s flat listening to this bands in our clapped out old car of the moment. We had some humdingers in my childhood, a Mini come swimming pool (it let in the rain and my sister and I used to float around in the back, good times) but no matter how much of an old banger the car was, it always got stolen when my dad was away on exercise!! My cousin Jo used to babysit for us and she’d bring a Phil Collins album round for my dad to listen too, we’d refuse would go to bed until she played it (oh and until she told us a made up Humphrey the spider story). I wonder if LPV will appreciate the music we listen too, I have to admit he seems to have good taste already, he likes to get his rock on to Coldplay now, he looks cool in his Ramones T-shirt rocking out!! He’ll probably have amazing taste like I did for a while and then have it all ruined by someone like Justin Beiber as I did but mine was NKOTB. Don’t get me wrong they we’re fab, oh Joey I thought our love would last forever!! Anyhoo… I will keep educating my son in good music but for now here’s some for you.

I still say my dad looks like Phil!!!!

One thought on “Hello motivation, I missed you!!

  1. Bibsey Mama says:

    Glad to hear that Motivation is back – music really can be great for lifting you out of a funk can’t it? Feeling a bit the same myself. Some pretty low weeks recently… but now feeling like I am returning to form.

    We have a mad half-hour with Bibsey every afternoon listening to music and dancing. Excellent for wearing everybody out. 🙂


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