Hey rat fans (by the way this was signature line from Roland rat, I am not and I repeat NOT referring to my readers as sewage animals 😉

Ahh I can’t find one of him saying “Yeah rat fans” but is the guy on here p**sed seem that way!!

Firstly I want to begin with heart-felt apologies to my lack of posts or communication on comments this week. It hasn’t been a  good week for me, nothing terrible happened, on the contrary actually, I now am a proud author of a published article, check me out!!! LPV has been an angel, husband has been cooking dinners but for some reason I have just felt down, completely unenthusiastic and unmotivated about everything. Hence the absence from the blog. However things are on the up and I have just completely blitzed out utility/dumping/landfill room, I love my husband but he is a hoarder and keeps everything!! To the extreme of I found a pair of pants/trousers with a huge rip down one leg, Me: why did you keep these?? Him: I don’t know thought I might need them. Needless to say they have gone to ripped trouser heaven. Now if expatdaddy receives an invite to “ripped trousers conference 2012” he will have nothing to wear!!

As I said my wee man has been an angel, he’s growing so fast and has the appetite of…….his mother actually, in fact he’s just devoured a whole apple , I really hope he has hollow legs and hasn’t inherited my metabolism!!!!!!! Large appetite/slow metabolism I’m sure there is a name for this condition…….. I think it’s called “get off yer arse and exercise”!! No problems with LPV in that department, he’s faster than the speed of light, a human floor cleaner and Hoover. His feet are black at the end of the day( i do clean my floors) and if there is one small speck of crumb to found, he finds it and eats it!! He must have the most amazing immune system.

Anyhoo, I’ve sent expatdaddy & LPV out for messages (bread & milk) and I told them I would get on with my yoga, so best do as promised,  see you soon



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