Harry Potter, haircuts & hysteria

This weekend my winning streak continued, friday morning I won 4 tickets to see Harry Potter courtesy of the lovely GeordieBird from Dubai 92. I am very much looking forward to cashing in my winnings and getting my last HP fix (Cos that’s how I roll).  Thank you D92 if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t win anything!!

So this post was started this morning and then abandoned and now it’s completely changed content. Today we went to soft play with our buddies Maggie & Bayley, LPV had a blast climbing & tackling things like a 4-year-old (clever wee man).  I noticed that they had a child’s hair salon so in my wisdom I thought that I would get LPV’s hair cut. 1st hair cut very exciting, the place offered a Baby’s first hair cut package so that was the option I went for it included

  • A hair cut
  • Before & after photographs
  • A lock of your child’s hair (this I found amusing from the start that they had the balls to charge me to keep my own childs hair)
  • A certificate

I sat LPV in the chair & the hairdresser ( I use this term very lightly as she has been called many things since this afternoon) put on his gown and before I could say photograph began scalping my child. I’d lent a camera off  a friend (but this is not the point may I add as I was expecting before and after shots). Not interaction with LPV what so ever no reassurance just hack hack. Eventually I told her to stop. After the ahem.. cut I was then told that I would have to come back tomorrow and collect the certificate,  Me: What about the photo? are not going to take his photo as you’ve already missed the before shot!! Them: Tomorrow madam, I will take both photo’s tomorrow. Me: WHAT!!!!!! How on earth can you take a before photo tomorrow, why didn’t you take it before? Them: before what madam? anyway madam you have a camera . Ok can you get the gist of where this conversation headed, now I really don’t like being one of Those ugly expats  (I’m usually not) you know, the type that are mean and rude to the other expatriates who they deem beneath them but I flipped my lid, this woman has given my wee man a lopsided haircut/scalping, can you image it if I had agreed to the clippers, LPV hair massacre!!!. They had made me pay upfront and then told that what I had paid for I wasn’t getting and to top it all off she gave me a piece of kitchen towel to sweep up my son’s hair from the floor. Now I fully understand that It is not easy to cut a toddlers hair but the way the whole thing was handled was disgusting I do feel guilty for loosing my temper but you had to see this woman to believe her. Needless to say I got my money back but now we have no certificate to put in his little book. I know’s a not a massive mile stone in his life but little things are important to me and they ruined it!!

Anyway LPV ended his day on rather hysterical note, today we had bathtime together (I know some people will think it’s wrong but the midwife said it’s fine, I checked!!) LPV had just got in the bath and decided to take a huge pee, fair enough I thought. We we’re practicing saying duck & car and then came the oh so familiar noise. Before I could scream to daddy we had a code brown situation!! Awesome!!! I then had to try and get out the bath without stepping on code brown, wretching (I was a nurse for crying out loud, whats wrong with me)I scooped it up and for a brief moment (whilst standing next to the toilet) I thought to myself, what in the Frick do I do with it!! (not really one for the babybook)Still could have been worse he could have tried feeding it to me!! (this happened to a friend)

I love this show, I really want a job at that hospital!!!

Night all


5 thoughts on “Harry Potter, haircuts & hysteria

  1. granma ray says:

    OH fantastic trace love to have been there what a scream you do have your moments . Hope my gransons hair doesent look to bad still wont take to long to grow . xxxxxx

  2. stace8383 says:

    My husband likes to tell me that the difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is “about two weeks”, so hopefully poor LPV will be looking alright again once it starts growing back!!

    What on earth is meant to be wrong with taking a bath with him? I bathe with Elspeth sometimes; it’s a nice fun splashy opportunity to increase skin-to-skin contact with her and we both have fun. 🙂

    • Expat Mammy says:

      Oh I dont think it’s wrong at all, I like the skin to skin contact with him we have loads of fun splashing around. you never know these days with some people they are too quick to think the worst and judge.x

    • Expat Mammy says:

      The hair isn’t looking too bad now it’s growing back, the code brown was hilarious, he was so proud!!

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