I’ll have a D please bob!!

So LPV is getting his own personality, babbling away to himself (he gets this from me), I talk to him all the time (until he get’s that glazed over look like daddy). Yesterday we spent time in the kitchen (safe in his high chair) cooking dinner, smelling herbs, listening to the sounds that the pots & pans were making (I know, Fricking mother of the year!!) His response to all my questions…… Ahhh Da!! or sometimes just Da depending on the seriousness of the conversation!! Grandma called “Hello LPV” LPV’s response Ahhhhh Da!! He uses other letter sounds but these seem to his favourite. I sing  Baa Baa black sheep to him and his reaction is a simple Da.. with a cheeky, I’m not saying anything else smile!! I was eating some Monster munch crisps the other day I could have sworn he said”whats that” obviously it started with a D kind of like “Disthat”… who knows…. So I’ve decided to compile a list of places he could live, jobs he could and food he could eat, if my darling son decides to go through life just using the letters D & A….

Places to live

  • Dubai (phew that’s lucky)
  • Dallas (although I don’t  think the shoulder pad would suit him)
  • Australia
  • Dundee (Aunty Darling will be happy)
  • Athens
  • Denmark
  • Devon (plenty of custard!!)

Jobs to do

  • Doctor (of course)
  • Astronaut
  • Detective (awesome CSI Dubai)
  • alligator wrestler (Ummm not sure if mammy will approve of that!!)                                                                                                

    Aligator wrestlers, No thanks!!

  • Dentist
  • aeronautical engineer (just like daddy)
  • Drummer in band

Foods he can eat

  • duck
  • apricot
  • doughnuts (only Dunkin,  not krispy kreme)
  • apples
  • dim sum ( except we can’t live in Japan, starts with a J)
  • anchovies (yuk)
  • dates (again got that one covered)                                                                                                                                                                                     

    that's right Elmo but your out the window mate your E!!





6 thoughts on “I’ll have a D please bob!!

  1. Emma Byrne says:

    Dat’s delightful! Dere’s (land of) Daffodils too (Cardiff calling!). Dundee, Australia might be better for mammy’s holidays. Cannae wait see you August time (tried to write this all in D&A – very tricky!) p.s message for LPV Ahhh Da! x

  2. stace8383 says:

    *giggle* Cute list. I love those early stages of speech, and I love how we mothers can understand so much of what our baby says when everyone else is going, “Wasn’t that the same noise as before??”
    Elspeth went through a stage where a lot of words sounded like “ba” – bus, box, bath, and so on – but somehow I generally knew what she meant. lol

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