All aboard the “Facial express”

Today I had a Quickie!! Shame on you, clear out that filthy mind you little minx!! When I mean a quickie I mean a treatment at SensAsia Express Spa in the Mall of the Emirates. I don’t know about you but I really never got excited about going to a Spa in a shopping mall and I have had some bad experiences.

This one!!!! This one is different!! It’s kind of tucked away in a more quiet spot of the Mall (MOE really not my favourite mall either) the location is perfect, especially as I noticed a Jamie’s Italian opening up soon exactly opposite……Ok back to my quickie!! The express version of SensAsia spa is for the woman on the go, they offer quick (but not rushed or lacking in quality) versions of your favourite treatments. I think it’s a superb idea for Mammies. They do offer the traditional treatments too, I had THE most amazing facial ever but I’ll get to that later. The one thing this Spa has is a skin lab Visia analysis…. this goes skin deep. You have 3 photo’s taken of your face and it identifies where your skin needs extra TLC and what your fab parts are…. Me… thankfully I have hardly any wrinkles… just a few wee  “laughter lines” around the old peepers. My worse part of my skin… Sun damage… I’m so great at lecturing my friends (Lynn) to slap on the cream, protecting LPV’s celtic skin, that I’ve somehow forgotten to protect myself. So now I know I can avoid ending up like this

Ahh!! gotta love Madge!!!

This could turn into a very long winded post so I’m  just going to sum up my visit in points, so here goes what I liked about SensAsia express Spa

  • The story behind it, The founder really put thought into it and each room tells a story (literally it’s all over the wall, Awesome)
  • The staff seem happy and genuinely pleased to be pampering and working there,
  • They have superb product knowledge (which is very rare here in Dubai)
  • They advise you on what to do and use, and while they recommend their products it’s not forced down your throat. Nor are you made to feel guilty if you don’t buy any!!
  • I got a wee cup of Ginger tea to takeaway (little things please me)

What I didn’t like about SensAsia

  • I had to leave and go to the dentist!!

What a great day, I enjoyed being on my own safe in the knowledge my wee boo boo was in good hands with Aunty Monica & his buddy Maggie. I feel human again from both the treatment and time to myself and i now look like this

Me after a trip to Spa & dentist!!


The dentist I could live without but it that wasn’t bad either, apparently I have almost perfect teeth for someone who hadn’t been to the dentist in over 3 years (hey don’t judge I don’t like going)

Goodnight guys


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One thought on “All aboard the “Facial express”

  1. Ebony Penny says:

    Totally agree Tracy, I used Sensasia Express and the visia machine is fab, what I loved most is that I knew what my skin problems were but was too scared to do anything in case the treatment didn’t work and my skin became worse, Sensasia explained how I needed to treat my skin, from the basic level. I’ve started using the products recommended and already I can feel and see results.

    For anyone else who hates the conveyer belt feeling with spas in malls this is a spa you’ll like. My treatment was only 15 mins but I didn’t feel rushed, I still had the tranquility of the spa but I was also able to get back to work before all my emails built up to some crazy level!! Absolutely worth a visit!!

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