It’s a girls world

So the Beckham’s have welcomed a new wee girl into the world, congratulations to them, also congratulations for choosing a relativity normal name. Harper Seven isn’t too bad really although I could live without the Seven, why Seven?? is it David’s jersey number?? I have no clue about football…… Anyway the name yes, quite nice.. I was expecting something far out like Galaxy (after Daddy’s team) or Royal as the Beckham’s have seemed to have replaced Tomkat with Wills and Kate and would seem are proud to be British again!! *** Oh i have just read the article link as Yes is David’s jersey number, Note to self, read in detail**

At least Victoria will be lucky when she goes shopping Matalan for Harpers clothes, Ahem……. We went yesterday to Matalan Dubai (awesome ………..just as cheap as home) I found an adorable Minnie mouse raincoat for…. Ha… the recipient will remain anonymous!! And thought I would purchase a raincoat for LPV as lets face it will are going to Ireland and england in the height of Summer a rain coat is a must!! Expatmammy to Sales assistant: Do you have rain coats for boys?……. Sales assistant: hahahahahahhahahahahah (this is funny why?), No madam just girls hahahahahahahahaha (again why??)  So apparently in  life boys are supposed to get wet!! I replied jokingly to SA “that’s a bit sexest” as I watched the comment float completely over SA she erupted in another bout of giggles. So we left The Arabian Centre coatless for LPV but happy that I could make someone laugh uncontrollably with such simple comments, safe in the knowledge that shopping is definitely a girls world, hoping baby Vaughan II (if & when) will be a boy as I’m already prepared!!

Booooooo, boys like raincoats too!!


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