Personal Meme

My bloggy bud Kate over at Mothersontheverge posted hers yesterday, It’s inspired me to write my personal meme…………check out the rest of Kate’s post

ok so here goes

  • live in: Dubai, United Arab emirates
  • I was born in: Bristol, United Kingdom
  • If I could live anywhere, it would be: Silvermines, Co Tipperary
  • My favorite escape: Silvermines Co Tipperary or just Ireland in general  
  • 5 things to do before I die: See my baby/babies grow up to be well-rounded, kind, successful, happy individuals, Be happy with myself, have a flat chest, be a volunteer for Oxfam/red cross, write a children’s book!
  • I most regret: Not seeing my Gran before she passed away, never living by myself, worrying what others think of me
  • Most random experience: Ummmmm think I yet to experience true randomness
  • Last iTunes download: Mmm bop by Hansen (sorry I know it sad but it has good memories)
  • 5 most played iPod tracks:  Starlight: Muse, Fix you: Cold play, You got the love: the source feat Candi Staton, Up all night: Take That, Fall out boy: thanks for the memories
  • 5 things that annoy me about myself: I’m too sensitive, I care too much about what others think, I swear way too much, I’m too loyal to people who don’t deserve it, I talk way too much when I’m nervous, I fart a lot!!
  • 5 least desirable qualities in other people: Angry begrudgers, laziness(No aspirations, I’m talking about benefit sponger in UK),  OTT Bitchiness, Self obsession, disloyalty
  • Personal qualities I value the most:Humour, loyalty, honesty, Genuine, kindness
  • Dream dinner party guest list (dead or alive): Hugh Hefner, Florence Nightingale, Liam Neeson, Lady Di, Paulo Coelho, Kate Winslet, Sophie Kinsela

So there you have it


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