Ball pit discoveries

Ok, we all know that children can hide things in places you never thought of for example, house keys inside a speaker, genius Bayley pure genius!! They put things in their mouths that you wouldn’t even dare but nothing flummoxed me more than what I pulled out of the ball pit yesterday before the beginning of Miss Maggie’s party!!

  1. Cocktail stick
  2. Carrot
  3. Clothes peg
  4. Wii controller
  5. Tissue (clean may I add) wrapped with red rug strings

So as I previously mentioned Miss Maggie is a whole 365days old!! What a great party, it was all hands on deck to help with preparations and moving tables etc, Hats off to you Monica you threw a fantastic party, even when it seemed like everything was stacked against you. Mwah!! The party went well and we got to experience some American traditions, such as Maggie having her own cake to dig into, I must say she was very ladylike (or shell-shocked) about the whole cake eating thing!! We had finger holes in the cake (not my child) Pee-ing on the floor (MY child), Abdominal workouts (I was involved in this along with other Mammies, No there wasn’t any alcohol involved), Vomits over Daddies (MY child), Mammies & Babies stuck in lifts whilst transporting a rather large bunch of balloon & a stroller full of toys (Guess, Yes me & MY child, LPV thought was hilarious).

A great day, LPV who’s been poorly was on better form, I was in two minds to bring him but he was grand and stayed with me and expatdaddy the whole time (very anti social I know), today he’s on great form, his anti B’s have kicked in and we have our wee boy back again, how do I know this?? Because the blinds are being shaken within an inch of their lives and when you turn your back, the TV constantly flicks on & off!!


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A work of art!!






2 thoughts on “Ball pit discoveries

  1. stace8383 says:

    Awwww, I love a kiddies birthday party 🙂 We didn’t do anything much for our daughter’s 1st birthday, figuring she wouldn’t appreciate it… but this Saturday is her 2nd, and we’re having clowns and face-painting and stuff!! Sooo looking forward to it. 🙂

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