A Mammy’s Job

Maternal instinct starts long before they arrive!! Ps I am really this short!!

A while ago my husband said to “you read him so well, you know exactly what he needs when he needs it”  That is my job as a Mammy I guess, spending 24/7 with a person you get to know all their signs and I think maternal instinct has a lot to do with it too (although at the height of the PND I would have sworn I had NO maternal instinct), so that is why this morning I got out of bed got the thermometer and drew up 5mls of Calpol. Yesterday LPV had a very grumpy day, breaking into heart wrenching cries for no reason whilst walking through the mall or playing at home.  This happens every so often, when a tooth is on the way!! I think this time we still are getting through the aftermath of the MMR too which isn’t helping the situation. As I predicted, a temperature of 38.5 was flashing back at me!! So today, we are going through the motions of what we did a few weeks ago when we had to miss Aunty Jo’s brunch (I’ll expect 3 drunken Mammies at my door around 20:30 tonight, OK). It breaks my heart that he goes through this with every tooth but I guess some babies breeze through teething and others don’t, that’s life!

I just hope we are fighting fit and happy for Miss Maggie’s  celebrations on Friday.x

I’d just like to mention that the Paddington book was to read to LPV when he was in my tum, although I did secrety enjoy it!!


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