Energised family

This has been a lovely long weekend, we got to spend some really family time together. Both me and expatdaddy have launched into über fit versions of ourselves!! I have to say my über fit expatmammy is feeling the after effects of her first spinning session in 3 years. What an amazing feeling afterwards, it didn’t last long tho after I had some lunch put LPV to bed for a wee snooze I went for a shower, what happened after this is beyond me, as all I know is expatdaddy woke me up, when he got back from playing soccer!!

LPV has had loads of energy today, chasing a basket ball, golf ball and what ever ball he could find around the apartment, it’s nice to see him whizzing around, however I’m finding that all I’m doing now is cleaning the floors!! This evening we went to mass (we thought we’d follow on our good example), I have absolutely NO idea what the mass was about as we decided to go to the “baby room” huge mistake in my book, kids were running around having races, Hey I am all for making church a fun place to be but really people control your kids!! LPV was an angel (the odd raspberry during the rare quiet periods was his limit). So that was our day, a quick crawl around in the nuddy (the baby not us) a bath and that was it!!

I’m very excited for tomorrow as I have blogging Guru Kate from Mothers on the verge coming to share some of her blogging expertise and advice for me, tonight’s a really short post, as I can’t sit down for long cos it hurts.

Night all


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