Dubai bucket list!

I have the car if you have the patience??

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately that have “bucket lists” I’m not really sure what I’d have on mine so I’d have to do some thinking on that one, however as someday (whether it be soon or not) we will leave Dubai so we have decided to do a Dubai bucket list as time flies so quickly here, before you know it your packing up to leave without doing all things you wanted to do!

  1. Ski from the very top of Ski Dubai (without a Bridget Jones moment)
  2. Swim around the Burj Al Arab (expatdaddy can do this I will watch from Lynn & Chris’ boat!)
  3. Drive off-road in the desert (bare in mind I almost had a panic attack when I got lost the other day, only to realise I was 10mins from where I originally left, this should be fun!)
  4. Yoga on the beach at sunrise (I will never get up for this so I’m just going to bring my yoga stuff out on  No.6 and not go home)
  5. Actually get out on a ladies night with the Mafia (We talk a fantastic night out gals, let do it!!!)

    Eat your heart out ! Eddie the eagle




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