Walk on the wildside

Today has not been the greatest day weather wise here in Dubai, you can literally feel the moisture in the air on top of that there has been a very bad sand storm pretty much all day! However that didn’t dampen our plans for a fun day. LPV, who was up bouncing around at 2am (when Mammy & daddy went to bed after a little too much spiced rum and coke) was awake bright and early and swimming by 9am. Although he has a stinking cold LPV was in good form so decided to take a trip to our neighbouring Emirate Sharjah and visit the Arabian Wildlife park. The Wanjigi’s came too making it even more fun. After an anxious journey (are you sure you know where your going??) We arrived  with quite low expectations really (if you have seen the Zoo here you would understand), however the place was fantastic, with lots of animals insects found here in the middle east, Snakes, lizards, fish, bats ,Flamingo’s, desert cats. We also seen wolves, hyena’s up close. Although both LPV & Maggie may are not feeling on top of the world today they had a blast. LPV got really excited at the mountain hares and birds (we talk to the bird every morning while having breakfast). Birds are flying over you while you are walking around (this I didn’t enjoy as I was anticipating a poop on head situation, luckily we escaped it). The cafe is surrounded has big glass window so you can look out at Flamingos, Ostrich while you’re having a drink (or making a complete mess on the floor as we did).

The worse part?? I can’t fault the place on much apart from the toilets, I used a toilet in the middle on nowhere in Sri Lanka once and it was far nicer than these. You also couldn’t take any photo’s inside which was a really bummer.

A fun day had by all, had a yummy dinner, followed by a nice big glass of red, LPV sleeping like a ‘Baby’ now all I need to do is mentally prepare myself  for my first spinning class in 3 years. Maybe another glass of red will do it!!

3 thoughts on “Walk on the wildside

  1. Kirstie says:

    The Arabian Wildlife Centre is a hidden gem! We went there on our way home from dropping Sammy off at the farm he stayed at which was in Al Dhaid. KJ loved it and I was pleasantly surprised! There is also a petting zoo and a museum there as well!

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