Reunited with ‘Gym’

So today operation ‘Flat bangers’ began, this is my last-ditch attempt to reduce the size of my bosoms, if it fails I will sliced and diced after the Vaughan family has stopped increasing in size!!

Me and my old erm…. pal gym were reunited today, as were me and my old pal sports bra!! Unfortunately mine and sports bra friendship has.. well lets just say we’ve outgrown each other!!! I really am committed this time to getting my body into a place where we can be friends in all honesty I don’t think we have ever been really friends.My chest size has been my Nemesis but times they are a changing I want LPV to grow up with confidence and not be subjected to listening me reject others compliments and bang on about how fat I think I am. I read in an article somewhere that you shouldn’t tell a little girl how pretty she looks as it will encourage her to focus too much on her looks!! What tripe its too much exposure to celebrities and unconfident mothers that make these things an issue. I’m sorry but I’m not to go to LPV’s wee friends and say ‘Oh Bayley & Serafina, you’re looking so intelligent today, Oh and Maggie I love that dress it brings out your IQ a treat!! Your going to tell them they’re adorable because they are. It’s like being back at school again when you really like that boy, getting your friend to ask him what he thinks of you and she comes back with ‘Oh he said your really funny and have a great personality, do you mind If I meet after school’ This friend is your worse nightmare stunningly pretty, has got NO ‘puppy fat’ that never went & seems to have followed her into adulthood!!!

You want to raise a well-rounded child, confident in all areas, I tell LPV he’s handsome everyday I also tell him he’s funny, clever, strong!! (hopefully he’ll forget the ‘your doing head in comments’ as I’m I sure I do his head in or at least I will when he’s older!! I think research is an amazing thing, we’ve found cures for things, steps in the right directions for finding ends to horrid disease, it’s brilliant. However to much of something can be a bad thing, I think this woman is thinking too much, ignorance is bliss sometimes. It’s the same with letting your child play, don’t wrap them in cotton wool, they have to experience the bumps, the germs and all that goes with it to experience life!

Wow this post really didn’t go in the direction I was planning I was going to do a 5 things list of surgery I wouldn’t mind getting done, 😉 Oh well this a far healthier post!!


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