BIG kids only

So it seems I have gotten myself into a weeny debate on Facebook!! A friend has had a rather unpleasant flight in business (this part I’m guessing) class due to being sat next to ‘screaming nightmare’ and is now welcoming the fact that some airlines are banning children in upper class etc. Now I do know what it ‘s like first hand to been on a plane sat next to a screaming nightmare and I was the first to say ‘I wish some would shut that child up’ I have also had a brat constantly kicking the back of my seat the whole journey from Doho to London. It’s irritating, annoying and all you want is peace and quiet!! Also people do pay a lot of money to fly a better class they are entitled to a relaxing  journey. However, then you also have the  ‘bussiness man’ that rocks on up to the gate in his Chino’s, polo shirt and blazer hooked over his shoulder looking like a reject from the Ralph Lauren catalogue, you Mr are just like us economy peasants, you sir just have the joy of having a corporate credit card!! So to this man I would like to say “Spare a thought for the Mammy that your sat next too not only does she have to put up with her own child having tantrums but she has to put with yours also!! Your huffing & puffing doesn’t make her life any easier it will make her more stressed the child senses this and acts on it. Spare a thought that she probably hasn’t pee’d or eaten since she left the house!!!  And to the parents that don’t entertain or keep their children under control whilst flying ‘COP ON’ you’re giving us all a bad name!!!

I do have to say tho, that they are no pleasing some people, we had the very lucky opportunity to fly business on our last trip to the UK, it was heaven the room LPV had been fantastic (mammy enjoyed the champers & wine)  and he was a good boy on both flights, the flight over was day flight, he had no screaming fits but I was making him laugh with his Bert & Ernie puppets. The next thing we know the J**ka*s next to us (across the aisle) starts huffing and puffing rolling over, LPV was obviously disturbing his beauty sleep!!! It was 2pm Dubai time 11am UK!! Get a life!!!!

This post isn’t personal towards anyone, It’s my opinion, we’re all entitled them, we may not agree with each but that’s what makes the world a more interesting place!!  There will always be people with children on a plane, there will always be the passenger with aeroplane narcolepsy (this was me pre LPV), there will always be the overweight man who snorts up his own spit (blow your you dirty git!!) and there will always be the snooty passenger, we can’t change this what we can change is how we treat each other!! Of course if they do make Upper class baby free I have the perfect name: Up your own Arse class!!



One thought on “BIG kids only

  1. Kirstie says:

    I agree, the parents who don’t entertain their children on flight drive me nuts and give the rest of us a bad name, GRRRRR!! But as for banning kids in Business Class, well that is just crazy! I can understand it in First Class, but if you want to pay the extra money then the airlines should just suck it up! Who are they to tell me, the paying customer, that I can’t bring my kid in Business Class?? Up your ass class is so right!!

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