Another little Vaughan!!

My husband know’s that most things we talk about will eventually end up on the blog for the whole world to read about although some things are left sacred, pick your battles and pick your topics is my motto. I have however chosen to share this particular topic. In the Vaughan household of late there has been a lot of talk of number two bub! How lovely it would be to have another baby around blah blah. Talking went to planning and calculating , so I am pleased to announce…………………………………………………… We changed our minds!!!! hahahahaha. The calculating on baby centre terrified me to my very soul!!

Here’s how the conversation went……. Me: can we put off having another baby?  Him: Yeah!!  Me: Oh!  I thought you really wanted one, Him: No I thought YOU really wanted one!!  Me: No not yet,  Him: What if don’t have another one?,  Me: you want LPV to be an only child?  Both: Nah! Twins next!!

Yesterday I had a long talk to Mafioso’s about having a 2nd second baby, the strains it’s puts on life etc. After this conversation I had reconfirmed in my head that I was definitely not ready to have another baby yet. For me I thought It was something I had to do pretty soon, I’m turning 30 + 5 this year and I know the older you get  the more difficult conceiving becomes, however a good straight talking comment from Kyle took the pressure off “your turning 30+5 not 45” what do you want to do?? I honestly thought I wanted another baby really quickly after LPV’s birthday, the talk of babies back home seeing my buddy Rach with her pregnant tum made me feel quite broody. However very selfishly my life with LPV is so much easier than it used to be and I’d like it to stay that way, he’s such a character now, I want more time to spend with him have lots of fun together, the thought of another child made me feel so bad for him. I know he won’t be pushed aside he never would he’s my first-born, my angel and always will be.

 Even more selfishly I want to go out and have a big celebration on my birthday I want to enjoy the rugby 7’s this year (notice the pattern of drink related events)…………….. In my head I feel I also need to be ready, The Post natal depression has gone I think but the mental scars of pregnancy/Gestational diabetes have been left behind, from this I mean the distorted body image I have of myself, the words obese still ringing in my head. We have both vowed now to get healthy and lose some weight. However I have noticed that there is a packet of Rolo’s missing from the fridge expatdaddy?? Do you no of their whereabouts!!!!

To all of those mammy’s I know who are having their 2nd child close to their 1st…. I admire you…. by the way Kirstie I think Beany is another boy!!! Just as sweet as KJ!!


Team Vaughan, just us three for now!!


3 thoughts on “Another little Vaughan!!

  1. Kirstie says:

    LOL! No way, its sooooo a girl! I will fall over in shock if I am wrong! Anyways, good on you for speaking up and saying you aren’t ready. If I am really honest, I am absolutely terrified of having number 2, Matt is away for 10 days home for 4 so I am really going to be a single mum. His family is no bloody help and mine can only do so much as they have 2 teenagers to run around after, so I am just so scared that I am not going to cope! Its funny because this time around the birth is weighing on my mind, but not for the reasons it was last time which was fear of the unknown, its just that I am doubting my abilities to cope on no sleep with 2 kids! The rest is a piece of cake, not even bothered by the birth process at all! I am just soooooo scared that I will end up looking like a crazy person wandering around the street in my pyjamas with my hair in dreadlocks and drool running down my chin!

  2. granma ray says:

    Its only you and paul who can decide and if you think now is not the right time then good on you . when you have a toddler running around and a new born its not easy . and as you are 6000 miles away it would be even harder . spend as much quality time with liam and enjoy they grow so quick . love you all cant wait for august xxxxxx

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