Stay inside the circle!!

Well I’ve been blogging for a while now and I really appreciate everyone’s comments votes etc. However I do have another small favour to ask of you readers!! We are in the circleofmoms top 25 family blogs

So please, please , please when you stop by can you click on the link above or the badge to the right of the page and vote for us, the link will take you the page all you have to do is scroll down to us and CLICK!! Job done!!!

Today we are hoping to get to fun city so LPV can burn off some steam, he appears to be somewhat of a live wire this morning, who’s obsessed with kissing the alarm clock!! Very much a different child from yesterday, we had our MMR yesterday which he coped with very well. However I don’t think he’ll ever trust me again when I sing Twinkle twinkle! However the thing for me yesterday was that he was a complete and utter Mammy’s boy, he wanted me after the jab, he pukes on daddy in mothercare and laughed!! Then in the supermarket he was showering me with kisses and cuddles!! Today I can feel it in my waters that this is not going to happen, he’s got that devilish look in his eyes but that one day has been locked away in my memory and there it will stay forever!! I can now hear the sound of echoing vomits the world over!! I don’t care I’m a soppy minx today!!

So I’m sharing the love with you, share it back please.x

Love ya


Love that movie, I did try to edit it but lets face I'm rubbish on computers!!



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